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All characters in WickHeck are fictional. This story may contain violence/horror, profanity, alcohol, and smoking. This story will never contain nudity

System logs dismisses grammatical errors in favor of allowing more time to create and store these logs. Saving the information for archiving purposes is top priority and grammatical changes can be made later.


> - Official in Game Discord 

> - Official Out of Game Discord 

> - In Game Tumblr 

> - In Game Twitter 

> - In Game Youtube 

> - In Game TikTok 

> Wickheck also participates in a collaborative project called The World Reached. - Collaborative Project Out of Game Discord 


Messages are tagged at the begining with 4 letters or less to indicate who sent the message

Wick - Example / WickHeck Account, typically Lock

Wick - â„–Example / This a random Wickheck character speaking. Learn who it is with context clues in the conversation

Wick - [Example] / Messages sent by the device that runs the account

Wick - [[[Example / It is Unknown who sent this message

Roxy - Roxy

Luna - Luna

Cole - Cole

Spi - Spider

Orph - Orpheus

Liv - Liv

Viol - Violet

Tonk - TonkaNation29

Felx - Felix

Gem - Gem

#### - Name removed from logs

Spoilers Example

> Example

As shown above, this symbol (>) is often followed by a line of text that matches the color of the document’s background. Highlight this text to read the solutions or hidden messages that have been found so far in the message or image above it. If there is a hidden message without a spoiler under it, it may be unsolved or the solution might not be clear enough to include in text form. Some include music that can be used to predict or foreshadow events.

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